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Chutzpah and Salsa – May 30, 2016
Los Angeles-based Jewish Women’s Theatre (JWT) sought out accomplished writers, encouraging them to explore their Jewish identity and create from their hearts. They believe that theatre begins with the written word, and they nurture the development of material that might not be created without their solicitation and support. By establishing a home for such material, JWT expands the view of Jewish women and furthers Jewish culture. For more information on JWT, visit
Latina women serve up funny, poignant and pivotal moments in their lives as they share what it means to have a Latina heart and a Jewish soul.

Enrique’s Journey was adapted for the theater by director Tony García. The third production of Enrique’s Journey took place at the LATC’s Encuentro 2014, performed by Su Teatro (Su Teatro premiered it in 2011 and reprised it in 2014). It also had a run in Los Angeles. The play won the 2011 “Best New Work Denver Post Ovation Award.” 

Here are links to a mashup of the play, created by Barrio Dog Productions:

Enrique’s Journey Part 1

Enrique’s Journey Part 2

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Sonia with the cast in October 2014.
Sonia with the cast in October 2014.
The cast onstage during their Los Angeles performance in October 2014.